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Let Humans be Humans

When I woke up today the scripture in Mark chapter 12:31 was in my heart-

31 And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.

When I was praying God told me that we must be reminded that everyone on this earth has had good days, bad days, made mistakes, accomplished something, had a friend, lost a friend, the list can go on and on. But the point is that despite our choices, actions, or lifestyle we as human beings are more alike than different. And we as the people of God have a responsibility to love instead of dehumanizing.

If we are honest, we are quick to justify then forgive ourselves, but can we say the same for our neighbor?  Let’s practice LIVING the Word of God today.  I can know you are a thief and still genuinely care about you getting to know Christ and His love. Will I leave my purse around you…? NO… but I can still be there for you and pray for you. Our differences shouldn’t be a barricade between Gods love and intention for our neighbor. We can do better body of Christ… we Will do better. Peace

Selah #SLiM speak truth live truth

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Deep and wide????

In my spirit today I kept hearing deep and wide… I said ok God what are you telling me today? He said to me that we His people have to look for Him in multiple dimensions. Sometimes in our relationship with God we keep things redundant. Pray in the morning, church on Sunday, Wednesday maybe, but what’s fresh and new in your relationship with God?  Take a moment to think about it. How do you keep the relationship alive with God?

If you have no answer then this word is for you! Today ask God to make your relationship with Him fresh. Look for God on your job, at the store, with your best friend. Switch things up and intentionality look for an opportunity to enjoy God and for God to enjoy you!

Speak truth live truth… SELAH


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Can you imagine a love that treats you better than you treat yourself? A love that looks after you when you have abandoned your integrity and self-worth??? Well, that Love exists. The word of God says in John 15:13 New International Version “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” A love that will die for you, put himself in an uncomfortable situation for you, claim you… rock with you exists right now;  today we would say ride or die, or bae, or squad but actually the correct name for this unique kind of love is God.

God is the only one who has proven his love to us over and over again. Sees the worst in you and doesn’t treat you or me less than because of our faults. if you think about it, we didn’t deserve to wake up this morning or be in our right mind, but true love said today you have another chance.

This Friday is appreciative of the greatest love there is… God!

#SLiM #intimacychurch

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What do you see #vision

Every morning you and I have the opportunity to wake up to stress and anguish or expectation and possibility!  The choice is yours, with the life God gives you an incomparable gift called POSSIBILITY. You and I have the opportunity today to choose Joy over frustration, Peace over anxiety, Longsuffering over a short temper, Kindness over curse words, Love over hatred.  But you have to answer the question ” What do you see?” If you choose negativity, you’ll receive negativity.

In the word of God it is said like this Joshua 24:15- Choose ye this day who ye will serve! Through our thoughts, words, and vision for the day, we give power to what we want out of our life. Choose today as the first of many where you see greatness, prosperity, and abundance in your life. Not just for tangible items but of love, peace, and wellbeing. Selah

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