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I’m not shaken….

Today the quote “be you bravely” came across my Instagram and I immediately thought of these last few seasons in my life. No matter what has or has not transpired, God keeps finding a way to remind me that I am His child, I hold His promises in my life, and I succeed because I have Him which is the success. You see, the world would like to forget who you are and exchange a kingly robe for a weapon… but I challenge you today to apply the word of God to your trials. Seek first the kingdom of God and watch your issues become the foundation of the greatest breakthrough yet! Selah.

Tonight I want you to remember who you belong to, if you are a child of God then put down your weapon and pick up your crown! Selah.



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Don’t be afraid to be your best

Confidence can be misconstrued as arrogance, know-it-all or some other title that is sent to diminish who you are internally. Today, I challenge you to be your best self inspite of who’s looking. You are made to be strong, incredible, and capable! When opposition comes and tries to blow your candle out… Speak louder, laugh harder, run faster because God made us triumphant, victorious and gifted with the ability to do our best!! SELAH

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24 hours

Sometimes we can get so comfortable with life that we fail to see what our greatest influencers are. If you or I sat down and wrote out how the last 24 hours were spent… what would you find? If you don’t like how your time is spent, then it’s time make some adjustments.

You don’t have to conquer the entire 24 hours immediately, but today make the decision to change 1 hour of your day to be more constructive or productive. Over time your day will be filled with more of the things that you like and less of what you don’t. With that combination… you’re sure to propel your future. Selah #SLiM

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I need God….

Greater than the desire for food, thirst quenching water, appealing embrace of true love…. is the need for GOD.

There is no substitute for the love of God. God holds the bullet back from the gun on your head, keeps that overdose from being your last hit, keeps your lights on when you know you didn’t pay the bill… God gets you a job you didn’t deserve, a home you don’t have the credit for, a car you didn’t think you could keep gas in. God put that dinner on your table, the smile on your child’s face…. Allowed you to be five minutes from a life threatening crash, kept your boss off your back when you couldn’t handle any more pressure.

GOD did this and more, and if we would simply choose to see God in all the good, our life would be full of joy, thanksgiving, prosperity, life, vibrancy, and pleasure.

God keeps you and I everyday, it’s time to say thank you, and from this moment on… choose to see God in the midst of great and watch life before you blossom. Selah

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Rocky Roads

One of the greatest challenges in being “great” is developing patients. Patients to keep learning, keep pressing, keep smiling, keep being kind, to keep being hopeful even when things look to be going opposite of your way. Patients is one of the fruits of the spirit which is love.

True love says that “For God so loved the world that He gave” so giving is the personality of God and the personality of love. Why is it important to know this??? Because if you are in a relationship with God, then you must understand that love makes you wait because love perfects your gift before giving it to you.

For example, I can run to Walgreens and pick up any card and any gift, put it in a random bag and give my husband the present.  But… because I love him, I go to the store look for a gift that would make him smile. I take the time to go up and down each aisle until I find something he would love and enjoy. Lastly, I choose a bag to wrap this gift into something that makes the present shine.  If I love my husband enough to do all of this, how much do you think God loves us.

Yes, God wants us to have what we need and desire, but He doesn’t want to give it to us haphazardly. God takes His time, chooses the best gift with the best wrapping delivered in the best time so that it’s not only appreciated but cherished. Today, exercise patients and watch God bless you with a gift greater than you ever expected.

Selah #SLiM

This song perfectly depicts the journey of a winner! enjoy

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Stand still

Psalms 46:10 says stand still and know that I am God. Do you ever wonder why we’re told to stand still. I believe because in order for Jesus to take the wheel and drive in your life you have to choose to be in the passenger seat. 

If you’re up moving around or fighting for the wheel you’re putting the vehicle and the journey at an unnecessary risk. But if you choose to sit in the passenger seat and allow God to take the reins, then being still will get you to your destination in a wonderful way. You see, being a passenger allows you to rest your eyes, your mind, and your energy.  You can hold things as the passenger, you can eat comfortably, you can even take a nap if you need to. Being still is the best thing we can do because when God Takes the Wheel we don’t have to muster up the strength to stay awake, be aware of every oncoming car ,or  drive through torturous  terrain and difficult construction. If we can learn to Simply Be Still and sit in the passenger seat we open our lives up to the possibility of the wonderful places only God can take us.


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A true Father takes the lead

I love my Bishop Holcomb… He just knocked me out of my see with a revelation. So many times in our relationship with God, as Christians, we tend to think that life in Christ means a life without problems when that is not true. Life with Christ means that no matter what situation you are in, God is able to help you!

Bad things happen to all people, but because you have God, you have tools such as increased PEACE and His POWER so that you can handle the bad!!!!


Like this- When you have an understanding that God is greater than your trial or tribulations, you then understand that in God everything will be alright. God extend His power to us so that when trials come, we can rest easy because as Christians we understand the victory is already ours. Now it’s time for you to tell yourself who wins … the enemy which may also be called your situation, or God?  When you choose God, you are taking your hands off of the situation and allowing God to lead. The beauty of God leading is that He is a guaranteed win, there is not a failure in God… Don’t believe me, read your word.

You can go ahead and shout now… that’s life changing information!



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