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Meditation Monday: when you hear the word meditation what do you think?

Meditation is an opportunity for you to shut off the stress of the world and focus on God your creator.  Every Monday you can reach me right here and I will go through baby steps introducing meditation techniques as well as the benefits of adding meditation to your weekly routine.

Step one: Understand why  you need to meditate

The word of God says “as a man thinketh so is he..”  Proverbs 23:7. If you can learn how to control your thoughts, you can control your expression of those thoughts.  Your mind is a muscle and you can learn how to control what goes in and out of it.

Check out this youtube video introducing you to meditation by Michael Beckwith and let me know what you think!

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On this blog, I want to give practical tools to help people all around the world become great human beings! #forgivenessfriday is an opportunity for you to come face to face with what ails you, keeps you burdened, or changes your mood. Every Friday we will meet here and have a session of forgiveness. Comment below and let me know how the exercises are going!

Today’s exercise…. What do I feel guilty about?

Answer this question to yourself honestly. When you pinpoint the “guilt” you can begin walking down the path of forgiveness.

On this path you have two roads:

  1. make the decision to stop engaging in that “thing” if it’s opposing the greatness in you or
  2. find a practical way to alleviate the guilt.

Ex: If I feel guilty about not spending enough time with my children, I may now choose to use the last 30 minutes of my children’s day doing only what they want to do with no interruption, or I can choose to find peace in the time that we do already have together.

Next: ask for forgiveness and give yourself forgiveness. To find a prayer specifically about forgiveness from Guilt go to my Facebook Page Today!



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Clean House

If you don’t like where you are right now, then it’s time to clean house! The year has not yet come to a close so you still have the opportunity to meet your goals and achieve your dreams.

Look around, what in your life can you alleviate? What in your life do you need to elevate? Be practical make a list… You have control over your future but you have to demand it. If you want to be healthy buy healthier food, if you want to start working out you may need to wake up early or stay up a little bit later to get into the gym, if you want a healthy relationship then you may need to quit a relationship that’s toxic!

There are only a few more months left in this year don’t live it haphazardly, make today the day that you begin to live intentionally. Don’t be afraid to clean out those things that are not conducive to your best future. You’re not alone, I’m cleaning house this month too.😉 SELAH


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I’m not shaken….

Today the quote “be you bravely” came across my Instagram and I immediately thought of these last few seasons in my life. No matter what has or has not transpired, God keeps finding a way to remind me that I am His child, I hold His promises in my life, and I succeed because I have Him which is the success. You see, the world would like to forget who you are and exchange a kingly robe for a weapon… but I challenge you today to apply the word of God to your trials. Seek first the kingdom of God and watch your issues become the foundation of the greatest breakthrough yet! Selah.

Tonight I want you to remember who you belong to, if you are a child of God then put down your weapon and pick up your crown! Selah.