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#jonathanmcrenolds- ” I dont want to be EMPTY”

There are some worship experiences that I can not help but post over and over again. So many of us as Christians privately cry out to God to keep our focus on Him so that we can become everything that God wants us to be… but inside we are broken. The world wants us to believe that there is a pain that comes with brokenness, a shame that is enveloped in brokenness, but I’m here to tell you that the devil is a LIE. The word of God says broken is beautiful, and when we abide in God, in a place no one has to know about… Psalms 91 calls it a “secret” place. Then that brokenness, ugliness, un-Christian likeness, can be made whole and beautiful! We all need calibrating in our lives; no one is without fixing and asking for forgiveness.. so with this worship, I want to help someone release themselves from the pressure we sometimes carry in life. Enjoy

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There is fortitude in victory!

There are going to be both high and low days on the road to success. Take each day with fortitude, know where you are going by making a plan … then on the days where your faith is being tried, you can put the vision in front of you and muster up the strength to keep moving. Sometimes you must tell your feelings to take a seat so that you can stand in the midst of your oncoming victory!

Peace… Selah



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At peace with yourself

A Christians we can put so much effort into forgiving all of the people who have done wrong by us, only to reject our own imperfections. While it’s important to acknowledge and repent for things we do that are not of God, it is also equally crucial that we then forgive ourselves just as our Heavenly Father does to us.

This year take yourself off of the hook, we are all imperfect in some way, see fault then forgive the fault. The bible says in Matthew 11:28-” come to me all you who are weary and I will give you rest.” The bible doesn’t say come to me all who is weary and burdened then take the burden back and hold on to it until your sick, stressed out, and depressed! God is love and he wants you to be free to love not only people around you but YOURSELF!!! Take a moment today to forgive yourself, you’re worth the love you try so hard to show to others.


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The truth about #problems

Problems are not STOP signs, they are guidelines. When we encounter a trial or struggle, we are actually faced with an opportunity.  An opportunity to grow, seek God, be silent, speak up… grow up.  The next time something trivial happens in life, ask God to show you the glory in it.

I know this sounds crazy or like I’m trying to be deep, but I’m serious.  Ask God in your next problem “what is is that you would like me to learn?” Then as you build that muscle of trust between you and God, you will see a problem coming a mile away and saY “Ok God lead me to the solution where I will be stronger and wiser in the end!”

Change your mind… Change your LIFE!

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Sometimes you just have to get the heck up!

So, I was having one of those days where I’m trying so hard to get my monstrous list of “to-do’s” accomplished, but it is as if cement were in my shoes. I tried listening to my favorite music, reading a little… but nothing I mean NOTHING was getting me in the mood to work!

Just then I realized where I was making my mistake. I was waiting for a “feeling” or emotion to hit me and get me on my way. When the truth of the matter was I just needed to get my butt up and start working.

So that is what I have to say to you guys… Sometimes you just have to get you butt up and start doing. The will to work doesn’t have to feel good today, but it will produce well in your tomorrows.  Peace… Selah

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