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Make a Plan!

Here we go… with a new year comes a fresh opportunity to do better than you did the day, month, or year before. As always I have a challenge for you; make a plan. Don’t go into this New Year haphazardly, be intentional. Know what you want out of this New Year and make an attempt to do it.

When you know where you’re going, you make better decisions along the way. Direction makes opposition struggle to get you discouraged or distracted by the many obstacles life may bring. It’s not too late, write the vision and make it plain.

we were made to be creators like our heavenly Father, take 30 min today and picture yourself in a better place than you were this past year.



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This Sunday at Intimacy Worship Church we heard a message about “CHANGE” how to effectively do it and how to make it stick. So many times we aspire to do better, have better, live better… but our life or circumstances cloud our desire to move from one place to the next.

When we are faced with opposition, one thing our Pastor mentioned was having a dream board. Something physical in our face to remind us of who we want to be and what we’d like to achieve. The bible says to write your vision out, why, so that we can remind ourselves that God has more for us!

Let’s be honest, life can become cluttered with things to do, people to appease, and bills to pay. When we take a moment to remember all that God has done and will do in our lives we open the door to opportunity. From opportunity we open the door to ambition, from ambition we reach our destination called accomplishment.

Today’s challenge is to find something in every area of your life that you aspire to. Write it out, take a picture of it, put it in your face, and watch your entire world change for the better!

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Psalms 35 prayer

I am so thankful to God for being my first line of defence. Some times in life we spend our energy and time fighting our pasts, thoughts, people, and much more, but Good wants you to know today the battle is not yours! We have protection, shelter, and comfort in our Heavenly Father. Put your gloves down and pick your faith up, Enjoy this prayer from psalms. Peace

Psalms 35 Prayer

Psalm 35 Prayer 
Heavenly Father, I come to You now in the Name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I ask that You will plead my cause, O LORD, with them that strive against me . I ask You to fight against them that fight against me. Lord, I have faith that You take hold of shield and buckler, and stand up for me and to say unto my soul, “I am your salvation”. I have faith Lord that you will protect me from those that seek after my soul: let those be turned back that devises my hurt. I know Lord that the Angel of the LORD will protect me. I know Lord that my soul will be joyful in You and I will forever rejoice in my salvation. To God be the Glory, Amen!

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The power of Affirmation

One of the most effective parts of my husband and I’s relationship is when we wake up every morning and proclaim Gods promises in our life. Instead of waking up and saying I’m still sleepy, tired, or express how much we are not looking forward to work. We instead came together and made a family affirmation for not only ourselves but our kids as well. Feel free to use this. Peace

 Today is going to be a great day. We serve the one and only true God who is victorious in all things great and small. Through Him, by Him and in Him we have the victory today of sin, sickness, death, poverty, and all of His schemes…. Then we pray.

God’s love is not complicated. Come together with someone you love and make an affirmation, I guarantee it will change the course of your day which in turn will change the pace of your life.