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What would you look like if you lived how you dreamed? Imagine living fearlessly… No deferment, fear of failure, or opinion weighing your determination down. When you decide to be fearlessly you, the world will become your platform and not the mountain to climb. Stop excusing your greatness and live the life God has given you; acknowledge your gift, cultivate it, then live it! Why not…your future is waiting for you! peace


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Know your Seasons

There are times where you feel like the world around you is filled with lemon drops and lilies,But, there are some seasons where you feel like it is a struggle just to keep your head above water. It’s important for you to know that God is with you through every season of your life. It’s pleasurable to be in a season where the suns illuminates your face; but you have to stay strong for the stormy nights that may seem to cloud your thoughts, prayers and day. Know that hard times will not last too long, the tortuous season is creating in you a clean heart, and a stronger mind so that when your next victory comes along… you’ll be strong enough to handle it. Being in a stormy season doesn’t mean you’re outside of the will of God, it signifies the need to buckle down and gear up for the amazing future God has in mind for you. Don’t look for a way out of your next storm, ask God for a clear path through. Peace


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Acknowledge the Win

Do you know when you have won in life? Sometimes we can be so engulfed with success, we fail to acknowledge the battles we have won. If you look at life today, have you overcome struggles, conquered a bad habit, or paid off a debt you thought would never go away? Well then it’s time to lift up your head and be thankful! Acknowledge your win and tell God you appreciate what He has done in your life; whether you made it to work on time, or published your first book… it deserves to be celebrated. If no one else noticed, or has told you yet… I am proud of you! In God there is victory, and my friend we are winning.


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Life can be a Circus!

2ec36f651750f19936dd95facdb5f266What is one of the secrets to success? Discipline. Don’t be afraid to put yourself on a schedule. Sometimes we work so hard to be off of the “clock” when time is crucial to prevail in life. If you can control your time, you can narrow the street you’re walking on, neglecting unnecessary distractions that will come up in life to deter you from your goal. If you can learn to structure yourself, life will have less room to do it for you. Write down the events of one day, I guarantee you would be surprised at how time is used in one day. If the majority of your time is not spent on your gift or passion, it’s time to reorganize; plan out who you want to be and be it. Peace.


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Turn it around!

68868e6b28b109b2040c5318daf8325cPraise and worship are incredible weapons in this spiritual war we are fighting. Personally, I have a playlist labeled “No you wont” and when the devil is coming at me with both barrels loaded, I play my selected songs and the battle begins. Out of my mouth comes affirmations about how great God is, and how wonderfully He made us. The freedom to enjoy my day expels out of my mouth and elevates my spirit until it is in union with the Holy Spirit. You see, the devil wants you to be stressed and hopeless, but the beauty in praise and worship blossoms the reality of how great God is; moving the focus from our problem to the hands of The Almighty God who has the power to turn it all around! Make a playlist today go to war. Don’t just sit there, its time for spiritual battle! Peace

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Its ok to be wrong…

I have to admit something… today was a roller coaster…situation after situation came as if the devil didn’t want me to mentally rest. You see the enemy wants you to feel as if you’re overwhelmed, or bogged down with the responsibility of doing right. Well I’m here to tell you right now the DEVIL is a LIAR! For me, the cherry on top of this crazy day was loosing something of importance. I don’t know about you, but loosing something on an already stressful day is really frustrating, BUT I had the opportunity to make the devil look like the fool he is. Instead of having a melt down I admitted that I messed up and lost something today. I’m telling you this because, No matter what, we must look at God for direction, even if that direction is down the path of apologies and making mistakes. We as Christians are not above fault. Don’t allow the devil to convince you that you do not mess up, we need God each and every day, and when we are able to acknowledge that even at our best we are still not worthy of the love of God, then we have won for the day. We all make mistakes, no one is perfect… but we serve a perfect God. Never loose sight of that, there is incredible strength in being humble. Peace