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Who are you now???

The struggling you is not the ugly you or the weaker you, it’s a beautiful you. So many times we hold on to who we once were or who we could be and reject who we are now. Then, when we achieve the next level, we can’t appreciate the success because we are constantly rejecting who we are now for the person of the future. Guess what… your pain, struggle, anguish and frustration are the weights you lift to make you strong enough to handle the best. The process is incredible, don’t hide behind it. If you embrace the process you give way for opportunity, inspiration, and encouragement. Be who you is, with no apologies!

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The power of a Mentor

Innovation is amazing, but without direction you may be spinning a wheel twice as hard as you have to. The word of God says there is nothing new under the sun, so your dream while fresh, may be accomplished by watching someone who has been in your place before. Having a mentor is humbling, it allows an unbiased opinion on what matters most, your purpose and ambition. I am thankful for the wonderful people who have gone before me, and long ago I made the decision to put pride aside and find someone who is doing what I want to do and follow the pattern. #gogetyourblessing #intimacychurch #learning is growing

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The nature of Love

Seek to understand the nature and love of God. When we realize God is not a God of boundaries, we can jump higher, run faster, and go farther than ever before. True love, the love of God, inspires, comforts, and develops. For God so loved that He sacrificed, He gave a life for a life. Romeo and Juliet  have nothing on the love that will die for a strangers life. It’s easy to imagine dying for a forbidden love, but what about dying for a rejected love? That is what God did. He knew His love would be misunderstood and rejected, and He chose you and I anyway. We say people, life, and circumstances stand in the way of loving God when in all actuality it’s our inability to understand the truth of Gods love for us. Try to understand God by reading His word, and praying. He’s not who the world says He is.

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Its Raining…

Rain can come across as gloomy, dreary and depressing; sometimes it is. But rain is essential for growth and development. We all come to a space and time where we need to be nourished and hydrated. Lack of water causes fatigue and may kill an amazing seed. Your dream and passion lives as a seed, it has the potential to grow and become life changing, but you have to do the appropriate things in each season. Great seed in amazing soil is still fruitless if there is no water from time to time.  Some of us run so passionately toward a goal or purpose, that we become dismayed when the season of rain comes. But I’m here to tell you, bask in the rain, take that time to look inward and see what needs watering in your life, then when the sun comes back out you will not only appreciate it, but gleam in its season. Instead of running from the rain, take your seed before God and allow Him to pour His love, enrichment, and life over it so that it can grow past your wildest imagination.

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I’m sorry

Don’t always be the last one to apologize. Pride keeps us from progressing from one place in life to the next. Our inability to see someone else’s point of view creates a wall that will always separate you from a worthwhile relationship, if you allow it to be between you and an apology. The misconception is that apologizing is accepting defeat, when really it’s an opportunity to acknowledge the other person’s feeling and perspective. An apology is a way to say I hear you and didn’t mean to hurt you. Today’s challenge is putting your pride down and picking up compassion.