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When Love fights

abstract-love-imageThere is no love like the love of the love of our heavenly Father. This love is so incredible that it loves you past mistakes, failed intention, and even betrayal. God wants His people to know that you have His love. You don’t deserve it, because this is an unconditional love, but still God wants you to have it. This kind of love will never make you cry in the middle of the night. This love is so powerful that it kicks fear and anguish in the behind. This loves wakes you in the morning, gives you the ability to work and support yourself, has made a place for you to live… all while you choose to ignore it because of you don’t understand that you don’t have to “like” everything your lover does in order to love and respect them. If you haven’t today, thank God for His prevailing Love in your life.

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I have been on a fast from television, and the idea was to sacrifice for God. The intent is to show God that I chose Him over comfort, and I have to tell you, God has been blowing my mind! The more I set my heart and intentions on God, the more He loves on me, giving me a new stride of confidence, a new stream of blessings, and a rendered peace that passes all understanding. The mission was to give God more of what he deserves,and yet God has been pouring more into me which is way more than I deserve. Never allow someone’s opinion of God change your relationship with Him. Get to know God for yourself and watch your life blossom in ways you could never imagine. With this sacrifice God has shown me that I am a queen…. Priceless gift from a timeless God.

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Ain’t nothin to it but to do it

Sometimes the hardest part of success is actually starting. It’s easy to say have faith, be strong, hold on, want better… But until you get the strength to start you simply have a notion. There is “something to” starting, you have to put your fears, and hardships behind you. You have to want to succeed more than you want comfort, and convenience. If there is something you’d like to change in your life, I challenge you to start! Acknowledge the hang ups that have held you back in the past and move on. Meditate on the change until you build the audacity to go after it. Print out a picture of it, draw it, Google someone doing it… Don’t let it out of your site until you start.

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Im talking to You!

Sometimes our greatest battle rests with ourselves. We know who we want to be, should be, could be … but there is something we battle which keeps us from reaching potential. This month I have challenged “self” and pushed to a point of desperation by cutting off something I love TV! Why, because I have to teach my flesh that it will be denied; my calling supersedes emotion or need to be coddled by entertainment. I had to tell my flesh yes, you may be emotional, or stressed, but you will perform at maximum capacity because we are representing the Kingdom of God, and there is work to be done. Comfort comes at the end of the day when you have maximized every opportunity to glorify God with the gifts and talents you were blessed with. Its time to stop working so hard to be comfortable and strive to be exceptional. The journey starts now…

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Kings kids

Do you know your self worth? So many times we allow people, promotions, and opinions shape the person we know ourselves to be. Well I have news for you; jobs, clothing, and social media didn’t make you who you are. The
Almighty, Alpha and Omega, creator of the universe made you. Only God can tell me who I am. 1 Peter 2:9 said I’m royal, holy, peculiar, and I gleam his excellence because Jesus Christ lives in me! So wear your crown Prince and Princess because you are worth more than diamonds as a child of the King!


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With so much on our plate, it’s easy to leave God in the corner of our mind or at the bottom of our to-do list. We will pay bills, take the kids to school, go grocery shopping all before acknowledging God; thanking Him for waking us up, giving us food to put in our stomach, a car to drive. Lets make God the center of our focus and intention. Lets make a point to tell God how much we love him by infusing the knowledge of Him into every move we make. It doesn’t take hours of meditation, just a simple “thank you” is a great start. Remember even God doesn’t like to be left out….