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When things get crazy, take a second to yourself. I was at work today getting more and more upset with the things going on around me, until I realized that I needed to look outside of my situation. I took 10 mins to myself, had a little snack and then addressed the situation. Try it, you come back to the situation refreshed from the inside out.

The real man smile in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection.

Thomas Paine

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A Dancers Dream

I close my eyes to see the stars
And dream on the dreary days
That fades the smiles and wipes a way
The gleam of hope and shot for joy
A single hand my heart employs
To raise among the pain and tears
And sway like grass in prairie fields
I dance for peace and fight for joy
And once again my heart employs
My hand to rise and say I’m free
To jump and swirl and make a leap
Into the sea where all is lost
Where we stand perfect, not a flaw
To raise our head and gaze upon
A dreary sky and stars that draw
A smile upon a dancers face
That lays her precious head with grace
And dances where the eyes can’t see
The beauty of a dancers dream