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Loves Rollercoaster:

Have you ever heard the heart beat?

The pulse grabs your vein and takes the blood along for the ride

High and low the rhythm goes

Until your right back where you started

….the heart

The amazing reality of being swallowed in love

Being an individual in the mist of millions

Five fingers and a palm… guiding through comfort, dreams and possibility

Swallowing forever like silver drinks a Hershey kiss

Seeing each other

Allowing time to race, but experience to capture each moment like a roller coaster camera

Smiles plastered on loves faces

Time tells the wonder of the journey

As love remains pocketed for the next ride

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If you would see my past you’d think it’s a monster

Hiding under bunked beds and shadows

Leering in the unknown truth that honesty is freedom

Unattractive to the possibility of pain

It stands in closets

Waiting for the curious and ignorant to appear

Prepping its usual aids for anyone who enters

Rearing ugly heads in the face of disposition

Tame as long as truth stands guard at every fixture

I am a night light

Standing in the mist of monsters

Daring one to prowl into the corners of my mind

Where secrets sleep and imperfection lingers

When my closet cracks open as if a monster will appear

I illuminate

With forgetful seas and everlasting mercies

My monsters stay in their place

Under restful faces

Stored in closets no one cares to open